Order Guides

PDF order guide copies are available by contacting your salesperson or GVH customer service, please call 888-687-5265 or email SVWestCS@gvhdistribution.com  Please work with GVH to create a custom order guide; this will ensure that we have the products you want in your stores.  A complete list of all items carried are available by clicking this link.

Lead Time/Order Cut Off Timing

  • Seattle – Orders need to be in by 8am 2 days prior to their delivery.
  • Portland – Orders need to be in by 10am 2 days prior to their delivery.
  • California – Orders submitted via website, called in to Customer Service or called into your Sales Rep need to be in by 5pm each Thursday for delivery the following week with your Supervalu West delivery.

Ordering Information (Seattle & Portland only)

Ordering Information (California only)

NEW TO CA – Coming soon! California stores will have the ability to order via a store device to place orders (Mobile Ordering/IOS/OMS/Telxon through SUPERVALU West) . We also added features that allow you to order supplies departmentally and be invoiced departmentally (detailed instructions will follow).  A Brand new GVH Warehouse will be open to better serve you in Montebello, CA opening March 2018. 

Delivery Schedule/Delivery Days

There have been no changes to your delivery schedule. To review your delivery schedule or verify your order:


  • We saved 15-20% first year and that has been consistent throughout the life of the program.
  • We’ve experienced unbelievable service which was entirely unexpected.
  • This is the best program we have ever had and we’ve never questioned our decision to make the change.
  • Cost reductions were “eye opening”.
  • Our reasons for changing were an impressive go to market strategy and an overall sense of urgency with their end customers.
  • Our price savings were reaching 20-40% in some cases.

Our Commitment to You!

  • We aim to bring you the very best value to your store every day.
  • Use of rebates and backstage dollars on store supply items can cover up the actual cost of goods to a buyer. We work to secure the best quality products with the lowest possible cost every day for you.
  • The Supervalu program offered by GVH strives to offer best-in-class technology for ordering and reporting. Mobile phone apps, scannable order guides, IOS ordering and detailed store and corporate level reporting puts store supplies ordering at your fingertips.
  • We strive to offer the most diverse product offerings in the industry. All of the items in our warehouse are selected by our retailers.
  • The Supervalu program offered by GVH strives to offer the most cutting-edge renewable, reusable and sustainable packaging items available. We keep your store at the forefront of the earth friendly trend.
  • We do not believe that a DSD program is the best option. We are already delivering to your stores and believe that the best value and convenience is with utilization of the Supervalu program because there are significant benefits of standardized ordering, streamlined billing and combined delivery. We further believe that the short and long term program cost savings with the Supervalu program over a DSD program can be substantial and that there are no other suppliers that will be able to compete with this program.

Service Level

We guarantee will provide our retail partners with a minimum service level of 98% everyday.

Credits and Returns

This is a fully supported SUPERVALU West program and all credits, mispicks, shorts or damage requests:

We have worked very hard to make sure that we cover all your needs with this program. However, if you notice that we are missing an item, please let us know. Thank you in advance for your support of this new program and we welcome all of your comments and suggestions.